Foreland is an 85,000 square-foot contemporary arts campus located in Catskill, NY. In its earliest iteration in the mid-1800s, the three brick buildings of the Foreland Campus were used to manufacture uniforms for Union soldiers during the Civil War. Since then, it has housed makers and manufacturers of all kinds. It sat dormant for years, until artist Stef Halmos purchased the buildings in 2017 and began painstakingly renovating and retrofitting them.

Foreland will house 30 artists’ studios, three commercial art galleries, two special project and event spaces, and two food and beverage purveyors. The three buildings of the Foreland campus are triangularly situated, with a 150-foot waterfront and floating glass pedestrian bridge as a connection point between the heart of the Catskill Main Street and the waterfront. By providing sustainably-sized and priced exhibition and workspaces for artists in the unique setting, Foreland intends to be an arts destination and haven for artists and visitors making their way to the Hudson Valley.