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Vajra Kingsley Shares Her Favorite Artworks on View at NADA x Foreland

Vajra Kingsley is the CMO of The Baer Faxt. Before taking on her current role, Vajra aided in selling ARTnews media to PMC and worked as ARTmedia’s Director of Development for four years. Vajra’s talent for facilitating communications between artists and institutions aided in the sale of the Brant media empire and has served her well in creating strategic business development projects in New York and beyond. Over the years, she has helped establish expansive art programming for organizations including The Whitney, Art Basel, The Armory Show, Young Arts, Assouline and The Peninsula Group to name a few. Vajra has a Bachelor's degree from Goucher College in Baltimore and works wherever her travels take her.

Dana Robinson, The Unbelievable Wig, 2021

"While reviewing with my brilliant colleague @museumaddict, we discussed what feels like Helen Franenthaler's dyeing technique, but figurative. There also seems to be an effortless assertiveness about the work that makes me excited to dive deeper into the artist’s practice."

Sarah Tortora, Yolanda, 2018

"Her ability to work with material is exciting as well as her approach to make something feel ancient and very contemporary at the same time."

Corrine Botz, Cosmetic Nurse Injector, 2019

"A multifaceted expression of motherhood. You can see her love for creating an image through this composition."

Chang Sujung, Preliminary Drawing for 'Spa Horizon', 2021

"Having reviewed her video work and meticulous attention to detail, I am intrigued by this drawing and where she will go from here. After all, her most recent show at Hesse Flatow featured miniature studies of her bedroom furniture."

Nicole Cherubini, The progress of love (Detail), 2021

"I find these sculptures to be captivating; I see Nicole’s ability to maintain a minimalist approach while working with color, formation and scale. I am also very interested by the way she has presented these vessels on unique pedestals."

Sean Desiree, Connextion, 2021

"Working with simple elements to create detailed design and patterns formed through a self sought practice built through personal experience."

Aki Goto, Certainty vol. 2, 2021

"I think my dear friend Jerry Gagosian said it best in her interview of Aki, 'Goto is proof that Instagram is full of more than just trashy memes (ahem), invasive advertisement, and pictures of people's perfect year-round vacations.' Her work is what I'd call New Wave Instagram Art. Much like the New Wave Cinema from the 1960's, her individualistic video work has a unique style of fast edits of iphone footage, field recordings, sampled sounds, and music. If jazz made a movie with punk, starring children and animals for the attention span of our current generation, you'd arrive at an Aki Goto video work with pure pleasure. Her work is rife with humor, suffering, joy, and the existential moment when you realize they're all bound into one.'"