New Art Dealers Alliance

ISLA a ISLA, A dialogue about contemporary sound art from Puerto Rico

A dialogue about contemporary sound art from Puerto Rico, moderated by independent curator & writer Michele Fiedler. Featuring artists: Rebecca Adorno, Carola Cintrón, Joel “Yoyo” Rodriguez, Eduardo F. Rosario, Gabriella Torres-Ferre, Enityaset Rodríguez Santos.

Conversation​ with​ Ernesto​ Gutierrez​ Moya,​ Ibett​ Yanez​ del​ Castillo,​ and​ Brook​ Dorsch

Brook Dorsch (Gallery Partner and Founder), Ibett Yanez del Castillo (Gallery Director), and Ernesto Gutierrez Moya will host a conversation on the artist’s personal history, his 2016 migration to the US, how this change of landscape and culture has informed his work, providing insight into his project for NADA House.

Conversation​ with​ Ignacio​ Gatica​ and​ Martin​ La​ Roche

A virtual artist talk between Ignacio Gatica and Martin La Roche on the occasion of NADA House 2021.

Artist Talk with Kira Dominguez Hultgren

Kira Dominguez Hultgren discusses textiles in the contemporary art world as well as her own artwork installed at NADA House on Governors Island.

Veronica Bruce, Karoline Bakken Lund, & Jamie Sterns in Conversation

An interview with Jamie Sterns of Interstate Projects and Norwegian artist duo Veronica Bruce and Karoline Bakken Lund on the occasion of their exhibition "Ultra".

Friends of NADA Studio Visit: Alteronce Gumby

A virtual studio visit for Friends of NADA Members with artist Alteronce Gumby

Mark​ Thomas​ Gibson​ &​ Mario​ Moore​ in​ Conversation

Artists Mark Thomas Gibson and Mario Moore in conversation on Gibson’s printmaking process, themes, and Gibson’s ongoing project: “Everyone Should Have One On Their Wall.”

Town Hall on Commercial Rent Stabilization in New York

Join NADA, Artists Against Displacement, NYC Artist Coalition, New York Nico, and small businesses across the city for a Town Hall on Rent Relief.

In Conversation with Baseera Khan

A conversation between artist Baseera Khan and EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Studio Coordinator Jazmine Catasús about Khan’s new suite of prints presented at NADA Miami.

I'll Make You Sorry: The Importance of Protest

A panel discussion with the artist LaNia Sproles, who has curated the Green Gallery's benefit exhibition for Milwaukee's Butterfly Collective.

In Conversation with Lotte Andersen

A conversation with artist Lotte, curator Silvana Lagos, and gallerist Claudia Pareja for a walk-through of the project “It’s not you, it’s me. It’s complicated”.

Veronica Bruce & Karoline Bakken Lund: The Tomb

A performance by Veronica Bruce and Karoline Bakken Lund, presented with Interstate Projects, Brooklyn and the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York.

Maya Stovall's Liquor Store Theatre Book Launch

A virtual book launch and panel discussion in celebration of the release of Dr. Maya Stovall's new book, “Liquor Store Theatre”.

In Conversation with Kahlil Robert Irving

A conversation with artist Kahlil Robert Irving and the jurors of the Great Rivers Biennial at CAM St. Louis, artist Amanda Ross-Ho and José Carlos Diaz, Chief Curator at The Andy Warhol Museum.

Wendy Cabrera Rubio, Economías del Pacífico

A puppet theater performance created, written and directed by the artist for their exhibition at Anonymous, New York.

As seen from Latin America, NADA Miami 2020

Latin American galleries share digital walkthroughs of their presentations for NADA Miami, hosted by José Esparza Chong Cuy, Executive Director and Chief Curator of Storefront, NY.

Karen Finley, Speaking Up & Out

A reading and conversation with Rachel Mason, director of the documentary “Circus of Books”.

Sofa / Painting

Keijsers Koning, Norma Mangione Gallery, and TJ Boulting have come together to present a conversation series around the concept of a virtual booth: instead of three walls, there are three live-feeds in which each gallery has invited their artist to think about a sofa and a corresponding artwork to hang above it.

Azikiwe Mohammed in Conversation

A new sound work by Azikiwe Mohammed, presented in tandem with an artist talk, Q&A, and raffle benefiting The New Davonhaime Food Bank.

Artists in Conversation: A mirror, a dish, a window

Zakkiyyah Najeebah Dumas-O'Neal, James Kao, and Ann Toebbe in conversation with Elizabeth Lalley, exhibition organizer and assistant director of Goldfinch.

Elliot Bergman at Shane Campbell Gallery

Elliot Bergman and several guest musicians stream a live performance from his exhibition “Resonant Body” at Shane Campbell Gallery.

Dominique Knowles & Mari Eastman in Conversation

Artists Dominique Knowles and Mari Eastman for a walkthrough and conversation on the occasion of Knowles’ exhibition at Soccer Club Club.

Liz McCarthy & Chris Reeves in Conversation

Artist Liz McCarthy and art historian Chris Reeves discuss McCarthy’s exhibition “Comprised Of”, on view at 062.

Jake Troyli & Danny Dunson in Conversation

Artist Jake Troyli in conversation with curator and writer Danny Dunson on Troyli’s solo exhibition “Don’t Forget to Pack a Lunch!” on view at Monique Meloche Gallery.

Members in Conversation: Upstate Art Weekend

Kelsey Sloane (Art Omi), Jayne Drost Johnson (JDJ), and NADA Individual Member Candice Madey (River Valley Arts), and Helen Toomer (Stoneleaf Retreat) in conversation.

In the Studio with Barnett Cohen

JDJ visits Los Angeles-based artist Barnett Cohen in his studio to discuss branding, language and pop culture references in his recent collage paintings made from found stickers.

In the Studio with Sydney Shen

A studio visit with Sydney Shen and the directors of Springsteen.

In the Studio with Jo Shane

Kendra Jayne Patrick sit downs with artist Jo Shane to discuss political art, prognostication, and her work “President’s Choice”.

In the Studio with Florencia Escudero and Rosana Cabán

Take a peek inside Florencia Escudero's studio as she assembles her fabric sculptures with an accompanying sound performance by musician and collaborator Rosana Cabán.

In the Studio with Shannon Lewis

14a visits Canadian-born artist Shannon Lewis in her studio in Berlin to discuss performance, adaptability and migration, which are key concepts of her practice.

In the Studio with Samuel Jablon

A poetry reading with artist Samuel Jablon.

Kurt Schwerdtfeger, Reflektorishe Farblichtspiele (Reflecting Color-Light-Play)

Microscope presents a live performance of Kurt Schwerdtfeger’s “Reflektorishe Farblichtspiele (Reflecting Color-Light-Play)” (1922/66) in connection with a solo exhibition of the work at the gallery.

Performances and Readings at Fisher Parrish Gallery

An evening of performances and readings at Fisher Parrish Gallery in conjunction with the exhibition “Useless Flowers”.

Exhibition Walk-through: More Than Cinema at Pioneer Works

A walkthrough of “More Than Cinema” with co-curator Ann Adachi-Tasch, Executive Director of Collaborative Cataloging Japan (CCJ).

In Conversation with Zsofia Keresztes

Artist Zsofia Keresztes address the site specific sculptures within the exhibition “Gloss Inviolability” at Elijah Wheat Showroom.

Visit Assembly Room and A.I.R. Gallery

Curator Yulia Topchiy presents the exhibition “It's all Chemical” by Julia Colavita at Assembly Room. Natasha Becker and Paola Gallio introduce “Forever is composed of Nows” at A.I.R. Gallery.

Visit Brooklyn Galleries with Max Marshall

Max Marshall of Deli Gallery leads a tour of exhibitions at Brooklyn galleries.

Visit SculptureCenter & FALSE FLAG

A walk-through of Rafael Domenech, “Model to exhaust this place (SculptureCenter Pavillion)” and “In Practice: Total Disbelief” at SculptureCenter and Sterling Crispin, “Future Tense” at FALSE FLAG.

Xina Xurner Live at Deli Gallery

An experimental musical performance by Marvin Astorga and Young Joon Kwak.

Mild Kiss by Alex Chaves & Kiki Hunt

A performance by Alex Chaves and Kiki Hunt at Martos Gallery.

Bambou Gili, Eliza Griffiths, Nadia Waheed, Janet Werner in Conversation

Artists Bambou Gili, Eliza Griffiths, Nadia Waheed, Janet Werner, and New Museum curator Jeanette Bisschops in conversation in conjunction with the exhibition “This Sacred Vessel (pt.2).”

Yang Mai and David Humphrey in Conversation

A walk-through of “Good Morning, China! (早上好,中国!)” with artist Yang Mai and curator David Humphrey.

Michelle Segre and Julia Bland in Conversation

Artists Michelle Segre and Julia Bland on a walk-through of their exhibition at Derek Eller Gallery.

Visit Chelsea Galleries with Benjamin Tischer

Gallery Member Benjamin Tischer of NEW DISCRETIONS leads a tour of galleries around Chelsea, stopping at Ricco/Maresca Gallery, Asya Geisberg Gallery with artist Carolyn Case, HESSE FLATOW, Thomas Erben Gallery, and more.

The Genie by Jonah Bokaer

A performance by visual artist and choreographer Jonah Bokaer at signs and symbols.

Thomas Kovachevich at Callicoon Fine Arts

A performance by Thomas Kovachevich alongside his exhibition at Callicoon Fine Arts

Sarah Rothberg & Marina Zurkow in Coversation

A walk-through of “Wet Logic” led by artists Sarah Rothberg and Marina Zurkow at bitforms gallery, followed by a reception with craft-made algae cocktails.

In Conversation with Anthony Graves

Artist talk with Anthony Graves of Camel Collective in conjunction with their exhibition “No seras un extraño (…) Empezó en Babel.”

In Conversation with Kathryn Lynch

Join Sears-Peyton Gallery for coffee, donuts, and a chat with artist Kathryn Lynch in conjunction with her solo exhibition.

Michele Zalopany in Conversation

Artist Talk with Michele Zalopany in conjunction her exhibition “Nana I Ke Kuma—Pay Attention to the Source” at steven harvey fine art projects.

Visit Downtown Galleries with Robert Dimin

Gallery Member Robert Dimin leads a guided gallery tour with stops at Denny Dimin Gallery, Canada, GOLESTANI, Baxter St. at CCNY, Martos Gallery, and Helena Anrather.

Visit Chinatown & LES Galleries with Ellie Rines

NADA Gallery Member Ellie Rines of 56 Henry leads a tour of galleries in the Chinatown and Lower East Side.

Visit Kate Werble Gallery & Charles Moffett

Coffee and walk-throughs of exhibitions by Lex Brown and Katy Cowan at Kate Werble, and Yoshitomo Nara at Charles Moffett in West Soho.

Visit Mitchell Algus Gallery

Member Tour of “Acquired on eBay (and from other surrogate sources)” led by Mitchell Algus.