Image of artwork titled "Colección #6 (Cielo y rocas, Vieques)" by Julián Chams

Julián Chams, Colección #6 (Cielo y rocas, Vieques), 2023
Digital prints on fabric, batting, and jute
68 × 54 inches

“I will be presenting a series of tapestries and soft sculptures created using a combination of jute and other natural textiles sourced from Colombia. These works will feature images printed on fabric. The photographs I’ve incorporated into these pieces were captured in Puerto Rico during the pandemic, a time when I couldn’t leave the US due to visa-related restrictions. Over the course of three weeks, I explored different parts of the island, visiting national forests, natural reserves, and wildlife refuges. During this journey, I focused on capturing moments in nature such as rock formations, plants, puddles, paths, and intriguing natural oddities that caught my attention. The resulting artworks represent my attempt to make sense of this diverse collection of elements I had gathered in a place that felt as close as possible to the Colombian Caribbean, my native homeland.” - Julián Chams



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