Image of artwork titled "With all our best" by Sarah Benslimane
Image of artwork titled "With all our best" by Sarah Benslimane

Sarah Benslimane, With all our best, 2023
Dice, plastic paper, beads, wood frame, fabric, coins, wires, marker pen
19.5 × 9.4 × 1.6 inches

Sarah Benslimane’s body of work presented at NADA features a series of small-format pieces embodying a collective of free-spirited entities within the booth. While the artist orchestrates a seemingly organized space in her works, there’s a conscious deconstruction that engages the viewer, emphasizing their role as an integral part of the artistic experience of the pieces. Despite the controlled nature of these works, they stand on a captivating interplay of contrasts. Each element appears something that it is not, unraveling itself as an illusion, consistently challenging and capturing the viewer’s attention through the incorporation of elements like bead compositions and dices, providing a playful engagement with the pieces. The recurring imagery of childhood adds another layer, evoking a controlled yet shared and comforting nostalgia, drawing attention to the contrast between something which is simple but can unravel as extremely powerful, such as the drawing of a child.



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