Image of artwork titled "The Lighthouse" by Luís Lázaro Matos

Luís Lázaro Matos, The Lighthouse, 2023
indian ink and shellac based ink on canvas
78.7 × 39.4 inches

Archetypal to the immersive practice of Luís Lázaro Matos, the series of paintings and drawings presented at NADA Miami come from his latest solo exhibition at Madragoa, ‘Divertimento’, and embody the indulgence of escapism by which demarcations between utopian environments, natural phenomena, mythical hybrids and recreational pleasures, remain as obscure as the surrealist bodily shapes that at once both inform and engulf the landscape they occupy. Through the shape shifting interchangeable nature of coalescing narrative with image making, a lighthouse captures the orgasm of a phallus and shorelines define the treble leg of a piano, skillful of illusion and deception, providing an immersive experience for the viewer that equates to the notion of advertising with that to selling a dream.



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