Image of artwork titled "From the series Excel-Art " by Oleksiy   Sai

Oleksiy Sai, From the series Excel-Art , 2018
Digital print
67 × 47 × 1 inches

Oleksiy Sai presents his Excel-art project. Sai has been working with Excel software as a visual language resource since 2004. The first exhibition entitled Excel-Art was held at the Tsekh Gallery in Kyiv in 2007. The artist sees the abstract language of numbers, graphs and diagrams as the only possible mode of addressing the life of clerks and office workers, that is, the strata presently associated with average employment. Artists tend to ignore office drudgery as inconsequential and banal. Insofar as artists engage with it at all, they tend to do so indirectly, through satire and other gestures or strategies not devoid of critical intent. Counter to this approach, Sai offers a markedly neutral and objective representation of the life of office workers in all its facets. Over the lastcouple of years, Say has been rethinking the role of the “office” lifestyles a social norm, depicting office workers as a semi-extinct species that will soon depart from the historical arena.



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