Installation view: Lukas Geronimas presented by Emma Leigh Macdonald, New York

“Sous les pavés, la plage” (Beneath the pavement, the beach). In 1968, this phrase came to represent demands for change, when protesters discovered that under the sidewalks and roads of Paris, there lay sand. This was a call to imagine a less extractive way of life within the natural world that exists beneath our pavement—whether we can see it or not.

Through a cumulative practice including film and photo engraving, artist Laida Lertxundi considers new ways of living with each other and with nature. In conversation with Lertxundi’s work, seating from artist Minjae Kim and painting by Lukas Geronimas recall the natural materials they came from and offer a setting to take time with these ideas. Perhaps, they suggest, these shifts in way of life could take place through—rather than in opposition to—our domestic space.



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