Installation view: John Drue Scott Worrell presented by Gern en Regalia, New York
Displayed during a pandemic era, the outdoor sculpture “Faculty” stems from a nostalgic tone with the present-time of an urban environment. It features The Simpson’s character Mr. Burns as the nose of a coyote howling toward the sky with a forward stance, activated by reptilian feet. Graphite is a primary material used, not to draw, but to mold and cast with architectural materials. Rather than a pencil to illustrate satire, this process dilates the question of how people of economic power can be anthropomorphized. The gesture of a public sculpture typically has a positive message of commemoration. This form inverts that convention to mutate the optics of those who have gained from this moment as a financial predator through absurdity and cartoon-like behavior. One can laugh, question, and misunderstand the formal presence of “Faculty” as these are pertinent notions that metabolize economic disparity.