NADA East Broadway is pleased to host Night Gallery, Los Angeles for Hot Glue, a special exhibition featuring work by Shagha Ariannia, Reginald Armstrong, Sarah Awad, Samara Golden, Conrad Guevara, Julia Haft-Candell, Khari Johnson-Ricks, Libby Rosen, Magnus Maxine, Alex Andrew Sanchez, Elaine Stocki, Sterling Wells, and Rikkí Wright.

The show unites artists of divergent practices into a conversation surrounding reinvention, permanence, and materiality. Rather than an unsubtle or literal framing of glue as a common adhesive, the presentation considers the artist as a kind of binding agent who possesses an alchemical capacity to forge something unprecedented out of seemingly disparate materials— and to unite families and chosen communities. Such processes of renewal invoke a range of formal and conceptual concerns while embracing novel approaches to assemblage, collage, painting, and sculpture. Hot Glue is enlivened by its eclecticism, celebrating the artist’s drive towards experimentation, newness, and of course, hotness.

Hot Glue
Presented by Night Gallery
May 12 – June 17, 2023
Thursday–Sunday, 1–6pm or by appointment

NADA East Broadway
311 East Broadway, Floor 2

For more information about the show or to book an appointment, please contact [email protected].