Image of artwork titled "Atli Temoayan II" by Claudia Peña Salinas

Claudia Peña Salinas, Atli Temoayan II, 2020
Toner transfer and encaustic on wood panel
20 × 16 × 1 inches

This series continues Claudia Peña Salinas’ ongoing research into Aztec mythology and builds a space where indigenous notions of verticality and water symbolism are present. The installation creates a distinctive environment that focuses on the concept of
“Atli temoayan” (‘stream of water, down’ in Nahuatl) and connects to her latest findings on waterfalls and strong female deities such as Chalchiuhtlicue (‘She of the Jade Skirt’). Historically, these cultures considered waterfalls and mountains as sacred portals to otherworldly experiences.



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