Image of artwork titled "De estos polvos estos lodos N. P3CBC-2" by Alejandro Almanza Pereda

Alejandro Almanza Pereda, De estos polvos estos lodos N. P3CBC-2, 2023
Concrete, brass and stainless steel
79 × 20 × 14 inches

The sculptures of the series De estos polvos estos lodos derive from the homonymous monumental sculpture located in Zapopan Jalisco that is part of the new sculptural program of the city. These seek to reflect, like its predecessor, the relationship between container and content. It is made up of concrete formations that, on the one hand, resemble stalagmites and stalactites due to their organic characteristics -which naturally occur in caves- and on the other hand, reveal an almost architectural geometric artificiality. In an exercise of contrasting elements, the artist achieves a unique composition full of spatial contradictions. The pedestal that supports these sculptures proposes in itself a habitable space that is instead used from its outer face, repeating the dynamics that the sculptures themselves express.



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