Image of artwork titled "La langue éteinte (with Sichuan Pepper)" by Kasper Hesselbjerg

Kasper Hesselbjerg, La langue éteinte (with Sichuan Pepper), 2018
Print on paper, wooden poster frame
36.61 × 24.4 × 0.01 inches
Ed. 3 + 1 AP

The pieces La langue éteinte (langue meaning both language and tongue, similar to mother tongue) and Boiled Iceberg Lettuce with Sichuan Pepper Sauce were both part of a series of edible sculptures comprising the dinner/exhibition Forgabt [] (which in Danish sounds very similar to fortabt [being lost]). People having tried the spicy Sichuan cuisine will recall the flavourfull pepper that cause a prickling sensation and in large doses completely numbs the tongue.



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