Tappeto Volante Projects

New York

Gretta Johnson, “Flesh and Blood,” 2022, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36 inches


Tappeto Volante Projects is delighted to introduce a two-person presentation of works on paper and
paintings by Gretta Johnson in dialogue with watercolors and sculptures by Keiko Narahashi, unified by the visual language of surrealist iconography.
Johnson’s paintings and watercolors evoke a magical, hallucinatory world that dances with cosmic symbols, fluid characters, and metaphysical metaphors.
Narahashi’s work embraces formal elements of modernist design and melds them with tropes found
in contemporary craft and storytelling. She explores the principles of painting through clay

Artist Bio(s)


Website: www.tvprojectspaceship.com

Email: [email protected]