Devon Dikeou

New York

“CAJOLE: ORIENTAL OPULENCE,” 1992–ongoing, artificial flowers and plants, plant identification sign, mirrored planter replicating mall ambiance, 3 x 3 x 8 inches


Don’t let it grow, it must not have too much maintenance. Don’t make it too high, it’ll block signage. Don’t make it too wide, it’ll block window frontage. No content that can be scrutinized, basically no content. Decor, minimal and cost effective, in other words, cheap. These are the directives a real estate developer will give a designer/architect/artist with regards to interiors/exteriors of their developments—like a mall. That is what CAJOLE is: the ambiance in the mall, the in-between that silently directs, not blocks your experience, be it a shopping one, or otherwise.

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