Image of artwork titled "CAJOLE: TROPICAL PARADISE" by Devon Dikeou
Image of artwork titled "CAJOLE: TROPICAL PARADISE" by Devon Dikeou
Image of artwork titled "CAJOLE: TROPICAL PARADISE" by Devon Dikeou

Artificial Flowers and Plants, Plant Identification Sign, Mirrored Planter Replicating Mall Ambiance
96 × 36 × 36 inches

This imaginative arrangement mixes many tropical flora from the worldwide “Sun Belt” to create an exotic atmosphere that has an unmistakable island flavor.

The centerpiece of the arrangement is the larger of two distinct genera of the palm featured in our arrangement. It is the much admired phoenix or date palm. As a member of the palm family, the phoenix or date palm aspires to subtropical or tropical environments from Florida, Hawaii, and the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and even Tahiti. It has the feather-like appearance of pinnate leaves. The palm has come to signify victory and triumph and makes an astouding contribution in its sunny appearance.
(Scientific name: palma or palmea)

The other resort-like palm is the fan palm. The fan palm is a simple stem that is crowned with a terminal of leaves. However, unlike its pinnate brother the phoenix, the fan’s leaves resemble an outstretched hand, hence the name “palm.”
(Scientific name: palma or palmea)

The accenting burst of tropical flavor is the Fuji mum. Part of the chrysanthemum grouping the Fuji mum is a composite plant. As such, it is grown as an ornamental flower, often boasting bright colors and double flowered heads. Interestingly, the Fuji mum has a history as an ingredient in medicine and insecticides.
(Scientific name: antherium)

Finally, Spanish moss coordinates the undergrowth. While a member of the pineapple family, this plant normally forms overhanging tufts of grayish green filaments on the top of trees in the southern United States and the West Indies. Being epiphytic by nature, it derives its moisture and nutrients from the air and rain, and usually grows on another plant.
(Scientific name: Tillandsia usneoides)

While all the horticulture in Tropical Paradise was selected for its overwhelming beauty and desireable ambiance, a wonderful metaphor occurs. All the plants have the vivacity to grow and nurture in any environment so long as it is warm. Their sunny disposition brings a little of the tropic warmth into all our lives.

Source: Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary (1973)



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