New York


Two Sheets (3) to the Wind
Curated with the Department of Reflection (DoR)

A.G. // Alina Yakirevitch // Andy Ralph // Arsimmer McCoy
Chang Sujung // Jenna Balfe // Kevin Dudley // misael soto
Arkadiy Ryabin + Peter Hoffmeister // Hsini Des // Jaqueline Cedar // Susan Klein

A pad
is a pad (home) is a pad (launching off point)
for visual artists and performers alike
in cultivating a community and network between outta-towners and locals
in Miami.

9 artists create variations of a furniture pad (also known as a moving blanket). 4 Miami-based performers engage with 4 of these pad variations.

Wednesday (11/30), 4:30pm: misael soto will perform with a psychotherapeutic pad by Alina Yakirevitch // (✿◠‿◠) //

Thursday (12/1), 1pm: Jenna Balfe will be performing with a ‘security pad’ by Chang Sujung // ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ //

Friday (12/2), 1pm: A.G. will be reading from their recent publication to a ‘pad-kinkade-chimera’ by Kevin Dudley // (●^o^●) //

Saturday (12/3), 1pm: Arsimmer McCoy will be performing spoken word while interacting with a series of die-cut pad-sculptures by Andy Ralph

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