Image of artwork titled "Breakfast" by Hanna Krzysztofiak

Hanna Krzysztofiak, Breakfast, 2022
acrylic on canvas
20 × 28 inches

As a child, the artist was afraid of the Yeti from the Smurfs. To her, it became a metaphor for the danger that can come even on a beautiful sunny day, not just at night, like in horror movies. In the painting, the main character is eating breakfast with a long face, gloomy and sad, resigned as if he had just read something terrible in the newspaper on the table. He doesn’t know that behind his back, outside the window, a Yeti is coming. Krzysztofiak is trying to depict the gloom and apathy caused by the reports of the war. The apartment is deliberately colourful and cosy. The nests we weave ourselves, the objects we surround ourselves with, provide an additional contrast with the Russian crimes, and also those committed on children (a spoon on the table).



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