Rebecca Camacho Presents

San Francisco

Sahar Khoury, “Untitled (stool with ketchup glaze seat),” 2021, ceramic, cement, steel, 22 x 17 1/2 x 17 inches (55.9 x 44.5 x 43.2 cm)


Rebecca Camacho Presents is pleased to share an exhibition of new works by gallery artists Sahar Khoury and Christy Matson. In a pairing of both historic and structural significance, Khoury’s two and three-dimensional ceramic sculptures are shown with Matson’s woven tapestries. Rooted in singular experiences and aesthetics, each artists’ practice carries strongly gendered associations. This overlap creates a foundation that is strengthened by a shared sensibility in mark of hand, experimentation, rigorous detail, commitment to natural and recycled materials, and connection to color and form.

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