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Bonamatic is named after an industrial coffee machine, that hangs wall-mounted in the exhibition space, and functions both as an object in dialogue with the exhibited artworks, and simply as a coffee machine for free use by passers-by in the local community.

Bonamatic’s curatorial perspective has a focus on the material and it’s impact on artworks and concepts such as the social, the subject and creativity. Bonamatic aims to initiate an operational field where transformations take place and hybrids can arise.
On NADA Miami 2021 we brought the coffee machine along with works of Kristoffer Ørum, Per Lunde Jørgensen and Jørgen Fog. The presentation consists of tool boards, crayfish, transmitters and reassembled furniture upholstery, creating an ambiguous hybrid where topics like agency, consumption, networks join to form a new object.

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Website: bonamatic.org

Email: [email protected]