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Hunter Shaw Fine Art

On view in Los Angeles, CA

Adam de Boer: Itinerant Vistas

Hunter Shaw Fine Art is pleased to participate in NADA Miami 2020 with a solo presentation by Adam de Boer. “Itinerant Vistas” includes recent works exploring the visual textures, cultural minglings, and socioeconomic realities of Downtown Los Angeles. For the past several years de Boer has created artwork investigating his family’s Dutch-Indonesian ancestry, apprenticing with master craftsmen in Java and cultivating a deep relationship with the techniques and materials indigenous to the area of his family’s origin. In particular, de Boer makes frequent use of batik, an ancient textile dyeing process in which an artist draws on fabric with molten wax to delineate outlines between objects and colors. Utilizing a prehistoric technique to depict scenes of contemporary urban life, de Boer adapts batik to the visual lexicon of present day LA, generating images befitting the cultural hodge-podge of this particular setting while maintaining a strong connection to his own immigrant heritage. These compositions draw connections between the depicted environment and the figures that inhabit it, integrating social awareness into observational landscape painting to articulate a vision that is both critical and compassionate. "Itinerant Vistas" uncovers a vibrant and unexpected beauty within quotidian urban scenes, depicting the LA cityscape with magical realism at once sublime and familiar.

Adam de Boer was born in Redlands, CA. He received a BA in Painting from College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2006, and a MA in Fine Art from the Chelsea College of Art, London in 2012. De Boer was awarded a Fulbright fellowship to Indonesia in 2017. Selected solo and two-person exhibitions include "Facing New Axes" with Tammy Nguyen, Hunter Shaw Fine Art, LA (2020); “Traveller’s Palm,’ Hunter Shaw Fine Art, LA (2019); “Legacies Real and Imagined” with Jumaldi Alfi, PT Jakarta Land and ISA Art Advisory, Jakarta, Indonesia (2018).


Website: www.huntershawfineart.com

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