Satoko Oe Contemporary

On view in Tokyo, Japan


We are presenting a series of works of fictional Argentine artist, Luca Costa (b.1989) created by the several Japanese artists. While Costa was at the art university, s/he made paintings influenced by the classic ones, and also by the South American art movement such as “Madi” or “Condrete art” as well as composing some poems, creating performance works. For graduation, s/he made a mysterious sculptural work, and was acclaimed, also caught a great deal of attention. After graduation, s/he went to the artist in residence in a port city, Ancona, Italy influenced by her/his Italian grandfather emigrated to Argentina. Through the residence, s/he had her first solo “stranger” in 2013 in Ancona. At the same period of time, s/he started to have a contact with the artists who s/he was interested in, all over the world. Through these activities, s/he joined the group show “der Bau” in Germany in 2014, “beyond the stars” in the UK in 2015, and “pecio” in Japan in 2017. Costa’s style of the works are varied as painting, sculpture, photography, poem, performance, and so on, however they all have the elements of nature, space, science, divinity, religion, and culture in common. Costa wanders from country to country willfully, and makes works in the different countries.



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