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On view in Zurich, Switzerland

Installation view

Lauren Coullard’s painting germinates and feeds itself into a systematic short circuit between abstraction and figuration, mythology and fiction. Coullard imposes confidently and proudly an anachronistic transfiguration of the present, allowing her characters—mostly female—to rise from her unstoppable desire to snatch light from the canvas. (F. Santacroce)

Ellande Jaureguiberry's volumes—soft without being flabby—always bear marks, deliberate bruises that excite their superficiality. Clinical dirtying up harmonizes therapeutic landscapes of reliefs that are both geographical and physiological, running over hill and membrane. All evoke synthetic horizons, territories of tenderness where beatitude reigns over lesions. A nirvana. (J.Riff)

Lauren Coullard lives and works in Paris, France. Coullard holds a BFA from Ecole Supéreure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy (FR) and MFA with distinction from Chelsea College of Art & Design of London (UK). Previous exhibitions include, Doc, Paris (FR); Palomar Project curated by Elena Cardin (FR); Mountains, Berlin (GER); A.ROMY, Geneva (CH); Lily Robert, Paris (FR); Galerie Vallois, Paris (FR); C4RD, London (UK); Silicon Malley, Lausanne (CH); New Bretagne Belle Air, Essen (GER). Her work was featured in Artforum, Libération, Daily Lazy, Beaux-Arts Magazine, Tzvetnik and others.

Ellande Jaureguiberry lives and works in Paris, France. Jaureguiberry holds a BFA and MFA with jury congratulations from ésam, Caen/Cherbourg Gratuate School of art (FR). Previous exhibitions include Salon de Montrouge (FR); A.ROMY, Geneva (CH); Galerie Sept Elzévir, Paris (FR); Beaux art Museum of Louviers (FR); Palais de l’institut de France, Paris (FR); Glassbox Gallery, Paris (FR). His work was featured in Le Chassis, le Parisien, Revue de dessin contemporain- volume 4, Connaissance des arts, Horst und Edeltaut, The Steidz and others.

A.ROMY is a gallery based in Geneva and Zurich.

Pictures Philip Frowein & Romain Darnaud.


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Installation view of Lauren Coullard and Ellande Jaureguiberry
Installation view of Lauren Coullard
Installation view of Ellande Jaureguiberry
Installation view