On view in Tokyo, Japan

Installation view of 4649 booth at NADA Miami 2020


4649 (f. 2018) is a curatorial project and gallery in Sugamo, Tokyo run by artists Yuhei Kobayashi, Shogo Shimizu and Yuu Takamizawa. 4649’s on-site programme focuses on exhibitions with emerging, international artists to introduce their work to the Tokyo art scene. 4649 also participates in off-site projects, exhibiting Tokyo-based artists internationally. Recent exhibitions include “Contrastissimo” (2020), Pina Vienna (2020), Ella Fleck and Tabitha Steinberg (2020), Alex Dolan and Jasper Spicero (2019), MX Gallery (2019), and more.

We are holding a two-person presentation by Yuhei Kobayashi (b. 1990) and Yohei Watanabe (b. 1990) at NADA Miami 2020. Both are Tokyo-based artists who each make works in the medium of photography. This is a curation to provide an international audience with an opportunity to see how Japan's vernacular history of photographic expression is contextualized among today's emerging artists in Tokyo.

Kobayashi has been making works that references the function of the camera as photographic machine itself, but this time he will present a snapshots using a completely different motif than his past works. If you'd like to see some of his past works or other recent works, please visit our website or send us an email and we can show you a preview of his past works.

Watanabe's work, which is a collage of paper impregnated with ink of the same color on a photograph of the ink itself stored in a cup, includes consideration of the interrelationship between painting and photography / physicality and image.


Website: 4-6-4-9.jp

Email: [email protected]