Special Projects:
Special Projects at NADA Miami 2018 feature sculptures and installations presented by exhibitors and partners. Special Projects at the fair are located in and around the grounds of the Ice Palace Studios—in the garden, around the bathroom, and North Miami Avenue.

This year, Detroit-based artist and creator of the Heidelberg Project, Tyree Guyton will present a new tree sculpture in the garden area; Miami’s Fringe Projects will present a painted automobile cover by artist Keith Allyn Spencer parked on North Miami Avenue, and Los Angeles gallery AA|LA will present new hanging rawhide works by artist and writer Rindon Johnson installed across the palm trees. The full list of participating artists and galleries is below.

Participating Artists:
Carl D'Alvia (Helena Anrather)
Tyree Guyton (Martos Gallery)
Serban Ionescu (Safe Gallery)
Rindon Johnson (AA|LA Gallery)
Keith Allyn Spencer (Fringe Projects)
Lisa Williamson (Shane Campbell Gallery)

In addition, Arkansas-based gallery Good Weather has organized a booth-as-exhibition in the bathrooms and breezeway lobby of Ice Palace Studios at NADA Miami with work by Anthony Campuzano, Corey Escoto, iris yirei hu, Dylan Spaysky, and Allen Brewer, among others.