NADA Curated: Reset

Image of artwork titled "Mesoderm (Carrier)" by Laurie Kang

Laurie Kang, Mesoderm (Carrier), 2022
Photograms, photo paper, darkroom chemicals, tanned and unfixed film (continually sensitive), cast aluminum fungus, spherical magnets
40 × 32 inches

Using photography, sculpture and site-responsive installation, Kang’s work takes up the body as an ongoing process. Her use and deliberate ‘mis-use’ of materials questions the idea of fixedness as an end to strive toward, or even its possibility. Through contingent installations and works on paper, her practice always offers the possibility of being reset; seen both in the moveable magnets that temporarily fasten her works in place and in the photo sensitive papers that are continually re-establishing themselves within each new context and environment.

The selected work is from the series “Mesoderm“, produced during Kang’s residency at the Horizon Art Foundation in Los Angeles.



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