NADA Curated: Reset

Image of artwork titled "Untitled (Shimmering)" by Timothy Yanick Hunter
Image of artwork titled "Untitled (Shimmering)" by Timothy Yanick Hunter

Timothy Yanick Hunter, Untitled (Shimmering), 2022
Dye sublimation fabric SEG print in Edge Lit 100mm Aluminum Frame
55 × 47 × 1 inches

Timothy Yanick Hunter’s work extracts images of the Caribbean from colonial archives and documents, reimagining new orientations for understanding local and diasporic narratives. This is apt in our moment of transition and ‘resetting.’ His works are anti-linear and embrace disjointed rhythms, a reference to diasporic consciousness and learning through familial knowledge and oral history. Interested in diverse new media, Hunter further gestures to a hopeful future through imaginative uses of technology. In these new works, he considers both digital and physical interpolations around image making, using forms of looping, rhythm, and repetition. Embracing disorientation and opacity, he poses questions about the familiar, and challenges



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