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Image of artwork titled "Last Words: Breonna Taylor" by Louis Cameron

Louis Cameron, Last Words: Breonna Taylor, 2022
Vinyl posters on wall
Edition of 3 +2AP

The killing of George Floyd has forced a reckoning on issues of race and social justice within many areas of society, including the art world. Louis Cameron had a personal response in the form of a new body of work. The Last Words series utilizes quotes from African Americans that were killed by police or vigilante violence. These works are about mourning, remembrance, and expressions of humanity. While the works are meant to exist in actual spaces the images submitted are digital renderings. This allows the works to be imagined in any location, in this case within museums. By having the works rendered in these institutions I am suggesting that museums in general should make good on statements of solidarity with racial and social justice made in the summer of 2020 in long term, substantive ways viewers to imagine futures beyond our context.

"Last Words: Breonna Taylor" is rendered in the Speed Art Museum.



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