NADA Curated: Reduction to Satire (Reductio ad Satura)

Image of artwork titled "I was hoping it was a lie" by Mock Leo

Mock Leo, I was hoping it was a lie, 2022
Oil on canvas
33 × 47 inches

Leo Mock’s interest lies somewhere between beautiful, meaningless colors on a board, the early 1900 comic strips of Krazy Kat and Wee Willie, and pointing out our infinite oneness with the universe. Often landscapes are depicted in unrealistic colors, green skies and rusty red beaches, or perhaps the light source is inconsistent. Colors on a board have no meaning. While the painting “I was hoping it was a lie” portrays a rock thinking about a rock. How dare you think yourself more important than a rock. The title is yet a third absurdity, or more often than not, it’s part of a deeper narrative left for the viewer to fill in.



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