NADA Curated: Reduction to Satire (Reductio ad Satura)

Image of artwork titled "Belly of the Beast" by Johanna Robinson

Johanna Robinson, Belly of the Beast, 2020
Oil on canvas
50 × 65 inches

Robinson’s depictions of whimsical dreamscapes explore the depths of the human psyche. Her paintings and works on paper present curious menageries of creatures and objects entangled in nebulous webs, where animate and inanimate entities collide, interchange, and co-mingle. Figure-stacking is a motif recurring throughout the artist’s practice, notably through subjects contorting and balancing in comical acrobatic displays. A nod to the German fairy tale “Town Musicians of Bremen”, in which animals band together in defiance of their masters, this towering into quasi-architectural forms allegorizes knowledge structures within Robinson’s work, which, through devices of humor and irony, she quite literally turns on their heads.



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