NADA Curated by Daonne Huff

Image of artwork titled "Red Swing" by August  Krogan-Roley

August Krogan-Roley, Red Swing, 2022
Acrylic on canvas (with artist frame)
22 × 28 × 1 inches

August Krogan-Roley’s “Shadows Out Back” series explores perspectives of mundane backyards. The figurative narratives depict the digestion of human nature through a lens of parenthood in semi-private metropolitan spaces.

Krogan-Roley’s particular focus on the detritus of childhood play reflects the desire and determined development of backyard overgrowth. Weeds, shrubs, and trees grow strangely–lurking in shadows yet forever seeking auspicious light. The cascading shadows create divisions of space within the artist’s compositions that allude to his ongoing curiosity in the semiotics of coat of arms. “Red Swing” parallels the remnants of childhood play to the hurdles of desire in learning and growth.


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