NADA Curated by Daonne Huff

Image of artwork titled "time travel" by autumn ahn
Image of artwork titled "time travel" by autumn ahn

autumn ahn, time travel, 2022
drawing, tape, surface, sun

Autumn Ahn is a multidisciplinary artist working between performance, sculpture, and painting. Ahn looks closely at society’s shifting relationships to time, language and history as sites of contradiction and spiritual life. In "time travel", Ahn's artwork privileges the tenderness and vulnerability of childhood - through the exploration of an unknown material territory, intimacy required to complete the work, or the playfulness that is necessary to attune to sensory details, creating havens that transform (true, or impenetrable) contradictions of life.

Drawn directly with tape onto the surfaces of an interior space, these drawings are site-specific tracings of the sun’s silhouette moving across a room. By drawing with tape we encounter the intimate shapes of the room, and in doing so, reconnect with the wonder of becoming conscious of this circadian dance. Through the windows of these architectures we’ve built to protect us from the forces of nature, sunlight is domesticated, and yet a portal connecting us to humanities across time.

*images of the work-in-progress at Headlands Arts Center Project Space Residency, beginning with 8:30, 2:42, 5:33, 7:32, and finally 8:04 pm, when the last intensity of sunset upon the far wall dissolves into nothing. In a place like the coast of San Francisco, where fog is the majority, this sunlight was precious - taking up to a week to discover its full arc.


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