NADA Curated by Catherine Taft

Image of artwork titled "Sharp Woman Whose Scimitar Carved Stars in the Sky" by Utē Petit

Utē Petit, Sharp Woman Whose Scimitar Carved Stars in the Sky, 2022
Graphite on paper, digital collage
9 × 12 inches

Radical and unapologetically Black-Indigenous, artist Utē Petit uses her ancestry, farming and ecology to frame her vision for the future which includes the creation of a new nation called “Ailantha.”

Utē specializes in textile practices, including woven, quilted, and hand printed fabrics. As well as a practice of drawing, painting, and collage. She uses these tools to alter, adorn, and create spaces by weaving together different materials, including found objects, and maternal craft practices. Her practice is growing to partner with the Earth, incorporating land stewardship into the process. Through her work, Utē shows the viewer what freedom looks like in Ailanthaland.

Presented by Good Black Art, New York.



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