NADA Curated by Catherine Taft

Image of artwork titled "Dear Other" by Ishraki  Kazi
Image of artwork titled "Dear Other" by Ishraki  Kazi
Image of artwork titled "Dear Other" by Ishraki  Kazi

Ishraki Kazi, Dear Other, 2021
Installation & Performance - Material: Custom 3D printed supports, Ceramic planter, Glass tube, Plants, Mycelium, Soil, Moss, Aquarium, Steel stand, Arduino microcontroller with CO2 and VOC sensor, Welded steel dome with plastic cover, Modified breathing mask, Custom framed prints with bacterial culture on growth medium, petri dishes, cast resin

Ishraki Kazi’s work explores the need for expanding the limited perspective on how knowledge is produced and constructed, and how people relate to their realities. By taking a post-colonial, post-human, post post post here now perspective, a perspective that is not dominated by histories of limited foresight, a perspective that is able to comprehend and navigate the quantum field, Kazi creates work that speculates on challenging the contemporary belief systems and imagines a future that is acategorical (non-binary, non-defined).

The politics, philosophy, and technology through which one engages such questions are at the core of Kazi’s inquiry in this project. This project uses methodologies of biology and art to contemplate how we observe, define, and categorize the living. Using performance, photography, installation, and organic processes I investigate the limitations of nanotechnology and biotechnology in relating to non-human others.



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