MOTHER Gallery presents Spiral Path

NADA East Broadway is pleased to host the premier screening and exhibition of Spiral Path, a single channel animation by Max Razdow and Kari Adelaide Razdow, presented by MOTHER Gallery.

Arrive to journey through a mysterious land, where geography and magic are intertwined. Evoking cult animation from the 1970s and alternate realities from science fiction, fantasy, and myth, Spiral Path traces the passage of a nameless traveler (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and his priestess guide (Erin Neufer) as they explore the marvels and perils of a dream-like city. 

Characters they meet along the way include a cosmic wood nymph (Mickey Sumner), a ponderous wizard (Kasidy Devlin), and a bardic fire tender (Desmond Eastwood), who give hints as to the future they may encounter. Writhing serpents, mistlike norns and celestial dragons evoke the intricacies of a weird poesis, intermingling fate and chance in their midst.

Spiral Path (22 minute HD digital video) is a collaborative work between Max and Kari created between 2020 and 2023. Reinterpreting a series of Max’s drawings and stories, Spiral Path uses digitized layers of ink and pencil drawings, and 2D animation techniques. Kari’s script introduces a poetic balance among symbolic, mythic and natural forms, suggesting a modulated coherence of archetypes, as the film hints at a wider realm to explore.

The animation features the voice of Mickey Sumner, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Erin Neufer, Kasidy Devlin, and Desmond Eastwood. The film score is by Eliot Krimsky, including an original song, “Southern Well.” The score also includes select compositions from Dominique Guiot’s “L’Univers De La Mer” album (France, 1978) and space rock compositions from Mythos’ “Dreamlab” album (Germany, 1975). Spiral Path is co-written and co-directed by Max Razdow and Kari Adelaide Razdow, animated by Max Razdow, and produced by Kari Adelaide Razdow.

Also exhibited are a selection of Max’s colored pencil drawings, created during the time of the animation’s production, some of which are used in Spiral Path. These works include imagery related to the time and place of the animation’s creation: swampy scenes of solitude and vigil, combines of technical and elemental deities, landscapes of recalibration and becoming, evoking a relationship between fantastical and earthbound realms.

Spiral Path
Presented by MOTHER Gallery
August 22–27, 2023

Opening Reception: 
Tuesday, August 22, 5–8 pm

Closing Reception:
Saturday, August 26, 5-8 pm

August 22, 12–8 pm
August 23 – August 25, 12–7 pm
August 26, 12–8 pm
August 27, 11–2 pm

NADA East Broadway
311 East Broadway, Floor 2

For more information about the show or to book an appointment, please contact [email protected].