EXOgallery presents The Cave: Unveiling Illusions

Carmen Belean:
Belean is known for her realistic, multi-faceted paintings that are inspired by nature and themes of femininity and beauty. By drawing on a (neo-)expressionist discourse of painting, combined with a feminist dialogue and the relationship between nature, art, and beauty, her works contribute to a broader concept of female perception and identity. 

The Romanian artist contributed to the Golden Globe winner and Oscar-nominated animated movie ‘Loving Vincent’. Belean received her doctorate in fine art from the Academy of Fine Art in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).

Kinga Su:
Kinga Su is a multi-faceted multidisciplinary Polish artist living in Strasbourg, France. Within the vast tapestry of her creative expressions, animation emerges as the primary conduit through which she breathes life into images. Yet, her artistic yearning extends beyond the digital canvas; she ardently embraces the tactile dance with materials, through traditional graphic techniques such as linocut, drypoint, and woodcut. 

Su's recent animated masterpiece, 'The One,' ascended to acclaim at the prestigious International Digital Art Contest in Torun, Poland. Su graduated from French studies at the University of Warsaw and Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. She currently studies Graphic Communication at Haute École des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg, France.

Udo Spreitzenbarth:
Spreitzenbarth, a German-born artist who resides and works in New York, is an international fashion, beauty, and art photographer. After his first year in New York City, he shot his first billboard campaign that landed on a screen in Times Square. 

His editorial photography has been featured in international issues of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and more. His art photography has received international acclaim with a successful series of solo exhibitions in New York, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Ivo Nikić:
Ivo Nikić (born in 1974 in Pristina, now Kosovo), is a Polish-Kosovan multidisciplinary artist; his work includes painting, photography, installations, objects, video, and actions in urban space. Ivo plays with connotations and undertone, dismantles the world into basic elements, questions ready-made solutions, and re-evaluates categories of beauty and ugliness. 

In 2003 he graduated in painting at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, PL in the studio of Prof. Jaroslaw Modzelewski. Since then, he’s been an active prolific artist. In 2006 he was an Artist-In-Residence fellow in Bern, Switzerland