Alice Gauvin Projects presents Ying Li: Traveling Light

Launched as Alice Gauvin Gallery in 2021 at 43 York Street in Portland, Maine, Alice Gauvin Projects showcases and promotes unique and thoughtful works by contemporary artists. With a strong interest in the traditions of the 20th century, particularly the push-pull of abstract and figurative art, Alice Gauvin Projects seeks to support and promote artists motivated by a desire for discovery and a dedication to craft.
Alice Gauvin is a curator and writer based in Washington D.C. and Portland, Maine. She has spent both her professional and personal life surrounded by works by many of the artistic masters of the 20th century. Prior to starting Alice Gauvin Projects, she worked in the curatorial department of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She received her MPhil from the University of Cambridge and her BA from Colby College. She is also a contributing author at the New York Sun, writing about arts and culture.