New Art Dealers Alliance

Performance & Collaborative Dinner: Catinca Tabacaru, Anca Poterasu, and Danny Baez

Evening of performance and collaborative dinner with Catinca Tabacaru, Anca Poterasu and Danny Baez as part of CTG Harlem.

New York Gallery Open 2020 After-Party

A celebration of the New York Gallery Open, with DJ sets by Abby, Jezenia Bunny Jr, and LOKA.

New York Gallery Open 2020 Dinner

An intimate dinner at Rachel Uffner Gallery to celebrate the second edition of the New York Gallery Open.

Mark Tambella Opening at La MaMa Galleria

Opening Reception for a body of painting by Mark Tambella, at La MaMa Galleria.

Member​ Reception​ at​ Felix​ Los​ Angeles

A poolside cocktail reception at the Hollywood Roosevelt on the occasion of NADA’s participation in Felix Los Angeles.

NADA Miami 2019 After-Party

An after-party celebration for NADA Miami, with a performance by Coqueta and DJ sets by LOKA, Ignacio Gatica, and Hayden Dunham + Meriem Bennani.