New York

Michela Griffo. Photo credit: Riya Lerner.


Stellarhighway is honored to stage a solo presentation by Michela Griffo of her large-scale paintings and drawings from the 1980s.

These older bodies of work have gone mostly unseen for the better part of forty years—having been destroyed or kept hidden—and NADA marks the first focused presentation of the artist’s historic work since that time.

Michela Griffo (b. 1949) came of age on the piers and streets of New York City in the 1950s and ’60s. She was an early member of the Redstockings and a founding member of Radicalesbians, Lavender Menace and the Gay Liberation Front. For decades, Griffo’s visual art practice has centered on exposing societal injustices and fictional narratives, exploring themes such as sexism, the queer and lesbian woman’s experience, as well as childhood trauma and addiction.

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