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New York

Gisela Projects booth for SP-Arte 2024


For our booth at NADA 2024, we present the works by Brazilian artists Bianca Kann, Sofia Lotti and Matheus Chiaratti. The presentation focus on the artists’ shared affinity to weaving and gardening, domestic activities considered at once humble, but both possessing profound restorative power. In her most recent book, Rebecca Solnit writes: “If war has an opposite, gardens might sometimes be it, and people have found a particular kind of peace in forests, meadows, parks and gardens.”

Chiaratti focuses on images from his grandmother's garden that form his deepest childhood memories. Her yard, located in São Paulo’s countryside, is presented in the series Jardins de Pau Lavrado, which transforms these memories back into landscape.

Kann turns her investigation of plants into playful sculptures. With process and craft comes a particular appreciation of time. For Lotti, weaving is similarly not a simple emblem of domestic order and harmony, but a process possessing a potency that be a weapon in its own right, one that, in particular, enables women to confront and subvert archaic notions of power and masculinity.

The artists’ work, and the booth thematically, also reference trees as symbols of a reconsidered timescale.

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