Image of artwork titled "Picture(s) #43" by Kazuhito Tanaka
Image of artwork titled "Picture(s) #43" by Kazuhito Tanaka

Kazuhito Tanaka, Picture(s) #43, 2023
Acrylic and analog chromogenic print on canvas (with acrylic frame)
13.5 × 10 × 2.7 inches

Kazuhito Tanaka (b. 1973, Japan) has been presenting works that offer new possibilities for abstraction from various angles using photography. Through various series, he has explored and pushed the borders of “photography” and “painting.”

In his latest series “Picture(s),” photographic paper (color photograms exposed in a darkroom) and paints (abstract paintings) are equally juxtaposed on a canvas and easily surpass so-called “pictorial photographs” or “realistic paintings.” This series is one of his achievements in constantly questioning what photography, painting, and seeing are based on his unique methodology.



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