Image of artwork titled "Untitled" by Marie Herwald Hermann

Marie Herwald Hermann, Untitled, 2020
Porcelain and glazed stoneware
17 × 16 × 8 inches

What was once a respite from the noise and chaos of life, Hermann’s studio has become the inverse: now a space used to inspect vitality and explore a world that exists only within walls. Venturing into new color-ways, materials, scale and rhythm, the artist continually seeks equilibrium. Growing up in Copenhagen, a city dominated by neoclassical restrictions that have produced a neutral palette, Hermann pulls her pigmented inspiration from Michael Gottlieb Bindesbøll’s Thorvaldsens Museum, a space she remembers as a colorful escape from the outer world. Without departing from her characteristic focus on domestic forms, Hermann further aggrandizes the experience of daily rituals through revived colors and textures that compliment the often-banal objects of daily life, from coffee mugs to other commonplace vessels.



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