worthless studios

New York

WORTHLESSSTUDIOS is a Brooklyn based 501(c)3 that provides space, materials, technical assistance, and resources for aspiring artists of all backgrounds to realize their creative visions. We are a platform committed to supporting artists’ fabrication needs and producing engaging public art and exhibitions.


1-800 Happy Birthday is a voicemail project created to honor and celebrate lives lost to police violence and systemic racism. In September WORTHLESSSTUDIOS, in collaboration with EVEN/ODD, transforms this digital project into a large-scale installation featuring upcycled NYC phone booths, film, and public events in its new permanent space in East Williamsburg. The phone booth at NADA previews the 1-800 Happy Birthday exhibition, allowing attendees to pick up the phone and listen to voicemails left for victims, or ‘celebrants’, on their birthdays.

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