Galeria Playera & REGULARNORMAL

San Juan & New York

Obi Agwam, “Is there a project in Heaven?,” 2022


REGULARNOMAL is pleased to present Tears from the Bricks, a special collaboration with Galería Playera for NADA New York 2022. This show marks the official debut of Galería Playera within the art circuit. On this occasion, both galleries will be presenting a Solo Booth by the Nigerian artist based in New York City, Obi Agwam. The booth will feature recent works by Obi Agwam on canvas and the drop of the first Relic Card from Galeria Playera, entitled “I’ma star baby, with bright ideas” (2022 | Airbrush and Acrylic on canvas | 18”x 24”) limited from 0 to 99. Only a 100 cards will be available.

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