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Martos Gallery

New York

Ryan Foerster, “Communication Breakdown,” 2010–2022, c-print, mounted on sintra and framed, 75 x 50 inches

For NADA 2022, Martos Gallery will present works by Rafael Sánchez, Kathleen White, Ryan Foerster, and Bob Smith. Sánchez and White began to collaborate alongside their romantic partnership in Downtown New York in the mid-2000’s. The work of Foerster harnesses the aesthetics of chance and defect. Lastly, Martos Gallery will be showcasing the work of Bob Smith, known for his intimate emblematic box constructions. Smith’s work embodies a dreamlike suspension while embracing the realities of 1980s New York City that surrounded him.


Website: www.martosgallery.com

Email: [email protected]