Image of artwork titled "No puedo parar (I Can’t Stop)" by Fernanda Laguna

Fernanda Laguna, No puedo parar (I Can’t Stop), 2021
Acrylic paint and collage on canvas with wicker frame
25.6 × 22 inches

Fernanda Laguna (born Hurlingham, Buenos Aires, 1972) is considered one of the most influential Argentinean artists of her generation, due to her unique vision seamlessly blending art and life, as well as her multifaceted art practice which centers on visual art but includes celebrated poetry and novels, the creation of a series of alternative cultural spaces, and an effective on-going social practice which she has carried on for over 18 years in the marginalized shantytown of Villa Fiorito.
Her work relies on an immediacy of expression of her subjectivity and desire; appropriation of local popular handcrafts and iconography; an interest in precarious materials used in domestic contexts and, at the same time, in classic Latin American Modernist painterly traditions such as geometric abstraction or surrealism, which she appropriates and turns upside down by including a feminist perspective.

This work belongs to the “Wicker Frames” series (“Los Mimbres”). Its frame —which is an integral part of the piece— has been made using traditional local materials and handcraft. Laguna often combines painting and collage, adding fragments of costume jewelry, pompoms, bows.



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