Jeremy Couillard, Fuzz Dungeon, 2021
Computer simulation streamed live on, with customized computer tower
Edition of 3 + 1 AP

Fuzz Dungeon is a never-ending, animated simulation of an inescapable mess of information that goes back and forth from being an intelligible narrative to a hypnagogic mania. This version is a simulation and video game on 3 separate screens. The simulation will run
automatically until someone picks up one of the 3 controllers. They will subsequently be placed somewhere in the video game depending on which controller they pick up with the ability to play through the game as much as they want. Once they leave the controller, the game will go back into the simulation. Fuzz Dungeon was nominated in the Visual Arts and Nuovo categories at the Independent Games Festival and a version of it, Fuzz Spiral, was featured in Times Square’s
Midnight Moment through daata editions.The available vinyl features a collaboration between Jeremy Couillard, Chris Parrello and Lobby Hotel who created the soundtrack.



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