Image of artwork titled "Cloudbusting" by Sheida Soleimani

Sheida Soleimani, Cloudbusting, 2020
Archival pigment print, mounted and framed
40 × 30 inches
Edition of 3 + 1 AP

Levers of Power catches politicians in the very act of their notoriety. Her newest series examines a fundamental, if overlooked, element of the political gesture. Her photographs reveal how politicians have trained their bodies to set media machines into spin cycles as endless means of distraction. The source imagery used as backdrops tell a radically different story, commanding us to link the crisis and devastation to the microlevel of the political gesture.

The hand is Netanyahu casting a vote/ but also holding cherry tomatoes, a fruit that Israel claims
to have invented. The blinds reference proxy wars between Israel (backed by US) and Iran.
The clouds in the background reference a story in Iran where a government minister accused
Israel of stealing Iran’s clouds and causing a massive drought.



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