Image of artwork titled "Man Cave Decoration (Collection Shelf 1)" by Jessica Campbell

Jessica Campbell, Man Cave Decoration (Collection Shelf 1), 2022
Yarn, glue, collaged carpet, polyurethane foam, edging, seam tape, carwash mitts
23 × 47 inches

From the artist: In thinking about the Ruha Benjamin quote and my experiences over the past few years, I find myself constantly yearning for rest and the idea of a “room of one’s own,” a space for uninterrupted contemplation, creative expression, leisure, etc. Where we live in Wisconsin, I’ve noticed a phenomenon of man caves (particularly noticeable when we were looking at houses a few years ago). These tend to be in garages or basements, spaces that function like the space I long for, and then tend to be heterogeneously decorated: neon beer signs, tools, flags, freezers, trucker hats and posters all co-existing in a kind of unconsidered way. These also, in my experience, tend to be gendered/masculine spaces (why I’m using “man cave” instead of another term).



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