Image of artwork titled "Untitled (Take a Breath)" by Guzmán Paz
Image of artwork titled "Untitled (Take a Breath)" by Guzmán Paz

Guzmán Paz, Untitled (Take a Breath), 2021
Oil on canvas, wood, wire, epoxy putty, acrylic paint
12.6 × 7.87 × 4.72 inches

Guzmán Paz (b. 1988, Montevideo, Uruguay) builds small scale scenes where complex psychological narratives take place. Desire, jealousy, admiration, betrayal, introspection, private inner worlds colliding with social situations are enacted by characters who gender-bend, in pieces which combine painting and detailed, laboriously handmade sculptural elements. He is interested in a visual language at the crossroads of pop culture and a playfully baroque sensibility. 

In this work a person attending a wild party steps outside to a balcony, seeking a moment of solitude and introspection. The subjective worlds, the realm of private thoughts and imagination are central to Guzmán Paz’ interests.



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